Guangdong Construction and Decoration Materials Association | President
Guangdong Construction and Decoration Design Association | President
China Lesso Group Holdings Limited | Independent Director
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies | Guest Professor

Lan Fang, founding president of Guangdong Construction and Decoration Materials Association(GCDMA) and Guangdong Construction and Decoration Design Association(GCDDA), has 21-year work experience in building materials industry. Since 2013 she has actively promoted building materials in Guangdong to walk to the world. Under the initiative of “one belt and one road”, she has visited more than 30 countries and regions, which spread throughout Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa, and maintains good relationship with representatives of government agencies and commercial organizations in many countries. She is a loyal practitioner of the “one belt and one road” initiative. Over the past five years, she has been committed to building an international communication platform for building materials in Guangdong. She is known as the non-governmental ambassador for international communication of building materials in Guangdong.

Guangdong Construction and Decoration Materials Association(GCDMA)
China’s GDP in 2017 was about 12.243 trillion dollars, ranking second in the world. Guangdong, GDP in 2017 of which was about 1.407 trillion dollars, is the most powerful province in China, ranking twelfth in the world, approaching Russia. In 2017, Guangdong’s industrial output value above scale was 1.96 trillion dollars, accounting for 11.64% of the whole country. Building materials are one of the nine pillar industries in Guangdong Province. Enterprises in building materials industry have a high degree of marketization and active export trade. The export volume of building materials in Guangdong accounts for more than 30% of China’s total export volume, ranking first in the country.

As a semi-official non-profit social organization, Guangdong Construction and Decoration Materials Association(GCDMA) has provided services for government, enterprises and society for ten years and accumulated a large number of powerful industry resources. At present, GCDMA has more than 3,000 affiliated enterprises and 15 group members – local industry associations, which business scope covers four major sectors: decoration materials, engineering construction, decoration design and real estate investment. Among them, materials manufacturers account for 70%, covering ceramics, furniture, doors and windows, lighting, bathroom, aluminum profiles, intelligent locks, electrical appliances, elevators, stone, plate, hardware and other industries, products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions; real estate developers, construction companies, design institutions, professional market account for 30%, covering construction, decoration, exhibition, etc., and have rich experience in domestic and international projects.

As an innovative leader of building materials industry in Guangdong’s and a pioneer of the belt and road, in recent five years, GCDMA has been actively engaged in industrial cooperation with the countries along the belt and road and has maintained long-term exchanges and cooperation with the political and commercial organizations in Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, France and other countries. In order to promote the development of international trade of building materials in Guangdong, GCDMA has established Istanbul office in Turkey and Bishkek office in Kyrgyzstan. In August 2018, GCDMA organized 20 Guangdong enterprises to visit the local building materials market in Turkey and established friendly contacts with the Turkish Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Turkish Ministry of Construction and the Turkish Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, etc.

In 2019, GCDMA will devote major efforts to helping building materials in Guangdong expand the Turkish market and promote international trade. Guangdong Commodity Exhibition will be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, in June 2019 to provide a procurement platform for five countries in Asia, Turkey, Syria and other countries to strengthen trade cooperation.

Guangdong Construction and Decoration Design Association(GCDDA)
The number of Chinese designers is about 17 million. They mainly distribute in Beijing, ShanghGuangzhou and Shenzhen. Guangdong has formed a gathering place of designers, mainly in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, known as “China Design Looks at Guangdong”. Guangdong Construction and Decoration Materials Association and Guangdong Construction and Decoration Design Association cooperate to promote the deep integration of the design industry and building materials industry. GCDDA gathers not only high-quality designers from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, whose business covers architectural design, interior design, landscape design, hotel design, villa design, residential design, etc., but also design companies, design workshops, professional design institutes and other industry resources. GCDDA has been promoting the internationalization of Guangdong design. It has held five editions of Chinese International Designers’ Festival to promote the communication between designers from Guangdong and designers from France, Canada and other countries.

In 2019, GCDDA will focus on promoting exchanges and cooperation between Guangdong designers and Turkish designers. An international communication forum between Chinese and Turkish designers will be held to promote exchanges of design concepts.

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